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Long Distance Connect Control


The Connect Control is a long-distance remote control that can be adapted to the majority of audio players available in the market. This product is developed with state-of-the-art technology, operating on radio frequency (RF) and emulating basic functions from infra-red default controls. It offers efficiency and high-performance, managing systems from 984 ft. in an open area. Besides being interference-free, this control does not allow the cloning of its codes.

Another important factor of the Connect Control is the new receiver base. It’s easy to install and fits a vast number of audio players with a frontal USB port. The USB input powers the base and you are still able to use its functionalities with the additional USB plug on the back of the receiver (for your flash driver). As you press the commands, your player will receive a signal. Therefore, the Connect Control operates just like the factory default control.

Product videos

Technical information
Power Supply Voltage Receiver Base: 5VDC (USB-A)
Transmitter (Control): 1.8 ~ 3.6V (Battery)
Maximum Consumption Receiver Base: 50mA (max.)
Transmitter (Control): 7mA (Battery)

Modulation: FSK
Frequency: 433,5 Mhz
Maximum Power: +10dBm
Dimensions (H x W x D) Receiver Base: 1.40" x 0.57" x 1.73"
Transmitter-Control: 1.44" x 0.45" x 3.01"
Weight Receiver Base: 0.22lb
Transmitter-Control: 0.22lb
EAN 7898556843287
Additional Information
Package Content:

01 - Control (transmitter)

01 - Cord

01 - Base (receiver)

01 - Instructions Manual

01 - Rubbery cover (available in red, white or black)