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About Us

Quality Policy

The high level of commitment of directors and employees is in the DNA of the Taramps Group. We encourage confidence and efficiency in the production and delivery of our products. We always seek to satisfy our customers with high technology and performance products, so that they have a unique experience! Promoting continuous improvement by optimizing the processes, products and knowledge of our employees, as well as implementing strategies that meet the necessary legal requirements, are some of the daily challenges to be able to increasingly provide the best for our customers!

From the garage to the factory

Taramps was born in a simple way with the manufacture of amplifiers for automotive sound in 1999. The creator and owner assembled acoustic boxes and homemade installed projects in his own garage, but it was the modification of the power of existing amplifiers that started drawing attention. The intention was to design and develop stronger amplifier modules that would surpass the powers already found in the car audio market.

The acceptance was such that the manufacture of custom amplifier modules began and then came the first Taramps product, the T-1300 class AB amplifier with two channels of 650W RMS each. The demand brought the need for new employees and the emergence of new models such as T-500 AB, T-600 AB, T-800 AB and many others! In 2003 Taramps entered the digital era with the development of class D (digital) amplifiers, and in a short time Taramps was recognized as a national reference in automotive sound amplifiers. As Taramps grew, more collaborators were attracted and brilliant minds started to think together, creating amplifier that surpassed the barriers of the powers marketed until then, making Taramps a pioneer in the development and industrialization of high voltage amplifierpowered by batteries in series.

In 2019, Taramps became Taramps Group integrating five brands, namely: Taramps Amplifiers, with the development and sale of amplifier and accessories for automotive sound; 7Driver Audio with the industrialization of loudspeakers and drivers for automotive and professional use; Homee Life Sound, with sound for environments; PRO Charger with automotive battery power supplies and/or chargers; Tarsafe for  alarms and automation accessories.


Did you know?

Taramps was the first company in Brazil to break barriers of real 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30,000 W RMS power in 12V systems, from the creation of the amplifier module T-10.200 until today, with the high 30K BASS technology. Another point that further highlights the evolution and commitment of Taramps was the creation of the HIGH VOLTAGE output stage line, with a revolutionary system of high voltage amplifiers that work with batteries connected in series.


Strong Partnership

The constant search for technology and quality of Taramps has resulted in the development of new product lines, such as TA, TL and even the most recent SMART line. Therefore, the consolidation of the brand has been happening through the years, with participation in business fairs, automotive sound events and with successful partnerships, for example, with motorsport driver Rubens Barrichello at Stock Car 2012 and 2013. Taramps Group follows a promising path, learning more each day, resulting in growth that never stops.

Bring innovation and offer creative technological solutions on amplifiers and automotive accessories for our customers. Aiming with complete satisfaction and generating resources also invest expansion and continuation of our brand.
To consolidate itself in the Brazilian market as a leading company in the automotive sound industry and to remain as a reference brand in amplifiers and automotive accessories
Practice respect, ethics, dignity and transparency in relations with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Location

161 João Silvério Street, Zip Code 19180-000, Alfredo Marcondes - SP