THS 6000

Taramps Receiver Multi Channel (4 x 100 Watts 2 ohms) 400 Watts RMS


The THS 6000 is a Multichannel Receiver developed by Taramps, with technology to integrate different rooms. Complete and versatile, it can be used in sound systems for stores, clinics, leisure areas, gourmet spaces, gyms, among others, promoting high quality sound system. With 400 W RMS, it is the only of its class that has 4 channels of 100 WRMS at 2 Ohms that allows bridging, obtaining 200 WRMS at 4 Ohms. There are several options and audio input, such as BLUETOOTH, USB, MEMORY CARD, AUX, and OPTICAL. LINE OUT output that allows you to send your  on-amplified audio signal to another equipment, such as an active subwoofer.

Besides all these functions, it has other advantages, such as CROSSOVER (OFF, HPF and LPF), signal routing (L, R, L and R, L + R) and tone control (LOW, MID and HIGH). Modernity, technology and quality so that your place becomes more and more comfortable.

Technical information
THS Taramps Class D Multi Channel Receiver
Numbers of channels 04
RMS power 400W
Nominal RMS power for each channel 100W / 200W if bridged
Inputs Bluetooth, Microphone, MP3 player, P2 input, RCA input, USB input, SD card, OPTICAL, Rádio FM, AUX
audio routing R, L, R/L E L+R
Nominal RMS output voltage for each channel 12.2 Vrms / 28.4 Vrms if Bridged
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD + N) at the rated power of each channel (125W) <3%
Nominal Impedance of each channel 2 Ohms / 4 Ohms if Bridged
MIC Sensitivity 10 mV
AUX. Input Sensitivity 200 mV
MIC Input Impedance 2.2K Ohms
AUX. Input Impedance 5K Ohms
Frequency response (equalizers at 0dB) 15Hz to 20KHz (-3db)
Typical 3-way equalizer performance Low ±12dB - 80Hz
Mid ±12dB - 2KHz
High ±12dB - 10KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >70db
Protection System output protection against short circuit and low impedance
AC input voltage 90 to 240V AC
Stand by consumption 3.5W
Maximum consumption 508W
Internal Protection Fuse 6A
FM Frequency Range 87.5 MHz to 108MHz
Dimensions (mm) 386 x 59 x 194 mm (15.19 x 2.32 x 7.6 inch)
Weight 2.20 kg (4.85 Pounds)
EAN 7898556845519