Receiver (4 x 100W) / Ceiling Speaker 6" 8 Ohms (40W RMS)


THS 6000 + 16x 6-inch Round Ceiling Speakers Kit:

This kit consists of one Taramps THS 6000 Receiver and sixteen 6-inch ceiling speakers. It is suitable for residential and commercial environments, where clean, powerful and very well-defined sound is desired. Some application examples include: stores, businesses, clinics, leisure areas, gourmet spaces, among others.

Receiver/Amplifier THS 6000 (1 unit):

The THS 6000 is a 400 WRMS multichannel Class D Receiver. It is the only one in its segment with 4 channels of 100 WRMS at 2 Ohms that allows Bridge connection, where we obtain 200 WRMS at 4 Ohms, also featuring differentials such as CROSSOVER (OFF, HPF and LPF) and signal ROUTING (L, R, L and R, L+R).

In addition, it offers several audio input options, such as Bluetooth, Auxiliary P2, USB, Memory Card and FM reception. We can also mention a microphone input with independent volume, optical input and RCA stereo auxiliary input and output (two inputs and one output), ideal for receiving or sending audio to other compatible devices (e.g. TV, Active Subwoofer, etc.).

Commands and adjustments can be performed on the receiver itself, including functions related to the player and equalizations (bass, mids and treble), or via the remote control that comes with the product.

For greater versatility of use, the THS 6000 has two volume adjustments, one for channels 1 and 2 and the other for channels 3 and 4, which allows you to set up the sound in two different environments and control the volume of each one as needed.

6-inch Ceiling Speaker – 40 WRMS @ 8 Ohms (16 units):

The Taramps 6-inch ceiling speaker was carefully designed to integrate perfectly into the environment. Using a cellulose speaker with a rubber border, it provides great efficiency and sound quality. Furthermore, its “borderless” design makes it practically disappear into the ceiling, providing a modern and pleasant environment. Available in white, it has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms and is capable of supporting 40 Watts RMS or up to 80 Watts. Its frequency response (40Hz to 18KHz) and wide coverage capacity surprise even the most demanding ears.

Technical information

Model THS 6000 - Class D Multichannel Receiver
Number of Channels 04
RMS power 400W (4 X 100W)
Nominal Impedance 2 Ohms / 4 Ohms Bridged
Frequency response Equalizers at 0dB: 15Hz to 20KHz (-3db)
3-way Equalizer Low (bass): ±12dB - 80Hz
Mid (midrange): ±12dB - 2KHz
High (treble): ±12dB - 10KHz
Audio Connections 1. USB: Pen Drive Input
2. Micro SD CARD
3. AUX (front): Standard P2 auxiliary input
4. AUX1 and AUX2: standard RCA auxiliary input
6. FM Radio
7. Microphone Input (P10 standard)
8. Optical Input
AC input voltage 90 to 140V AC or 190 to 240V AC
Maximum consumption 508W
Consumption (Stand by) 3.5W
Dimensions (mm) 15.67" x 2.32" x 7.64" (398 x 59 x 194 mm)
Weight 4.85lb (2.20Kg)
EAN Kit: 7908706601367

RMS power 40 Watts
Musical Power 80 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency response 40Hz to 18.000Hz
Weight 1.65lb (0.75Kg)
EAN Kit: 7908706601367