Taramps Multi-impedance Amplifier (1 Channel of 3000 Watts RMS)


Imagine combining the strength and efficiency of the High Voltage amplifiers (HV) with the intelligence of the Smart line. This is the essence of the HV3000 Chipeo Smart.

Equipped with the advanced ‘Power Control System’, which maintains the amplifier’s maximum power at impedances of 1 to 2 ohms, it now also controls and maintains 3000 Watts RMS regardless of the input voltage in systems that require 120 to 350 VDC (from 10 to 24 batteries in series).

Furthermore, its wide frequency response of 10Hz to 30KHz enables the amplification of a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to clear treble. In other words, you now have a High Voltage amplifier that can be used with Subwoofers, Mid-Low and Midrange Speakers, Full Range Speakers, Phenolic and Titanium Drivers, Super Tweeters, among others, with the advantage of drastically reducing the energy consumption of the 12 Volt system.

Explore the power of the HV3000 Chipeo Smart and raise the level of your automotive sound.

Technical information
Minimum Output Impedance 1 Ohm ~ 2 Ohms
Number of Channels 01
Rated power 1 Ohm: 3000W RMS
2 Ohms: 3000W RMS
4 Ohms: 2000W RMS
Input Sensitivity 0.5V RMS ~ 4V RMS
Signal to Noise Ratio >95 dB
Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 30 KHz (-3 dB) 2 Ohms
Efficiency 80%
Input Impedance 16K Ohms
protection system Short Circuit on Output and in Relation to GND, Low and High Voltage, and Thermal Protection
Minimum Supply Voltage 120 VDC
Maximum Supply Voltage 350 VDC
Maximum Musical Consumption @12.6VDC: 1A
Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 23A
Dimensions (WxHxD) 9.41" x 2.87" x 12.95" (239 x 73 x 329 mm)
Weight 8.69 lb (3.95 Kg)
Aux Input standard 1%
EAN 7908706601411