Electronic 4 way Crossover


Enhance of your car audio with the Taramps CRX-4 active crossover. Its 4 independent channels allow practical and precise adjustment of the crossover points of multiple amplifiers. These channels are divided into LOW, LOW MID, HIGH MID, and HIGH, and have individual level adjustments, so that each of your speakers can be adjusted to their ideal frequency range, ensuring better performance and sound quality. To highlight the bass even more, we included the Bass-Boost function with a variable center frequency from 20 to 65Hz and a fixed gain of 6 dB, providing superior performance for subwoofers. With a supply voltage range of 10 to 15.5 VDC and a maximum output level of 8 VRMS, the CRX-4 delivers the versatility, quality, and performance you’re looking for.

Technical information
Number of Channels 04
Output impedance 27K ohms
Maximum input level 8V RMS
Maximum output level 8V RMS
Total Harmonic Distortion <0,01% ~1KHz
Crosstalk (separation between channels) >80dB
protection system Reverse polarity
Via Low Via Low / Low way (Mono)
Cutting frequency / Variable (LPF): 40Hz ~ 275Hz (-12dB/8ª)
bass boost Frequency Central Variable: 20 ~ 65Hz (6dB / Fixed gain)
Via Low Mid Via Low Mid / Low Mid way (Mono)
Minimum frequency of (cut HPF) / Variable: 25Hz ~ 140Hz (-12dB/8ª)

Maximum frequency of (cut LPF) / Variable: .300Hz ~ 7.5KHz (-12dB/8ª)
Via High Mid Via High Mid / High Mid way (Stereo)
Minimum frequency of (cut HPF) / Variable: 200Hz ~ 5KHz (-12dB/8ª)

Maximum frequency of (cut LPF) / Variable: .1.2KHz ~ 12KHz (-12dB/8ª)
Via High Via High / High way (Stereo)
Cutting frequency / Variable: .550Hz ~ 13.7KHz (-12dB/8ª)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 181x 40 x 145mm / 7.13” x 1.57” x 5.71”
Weight 0,550Kg / 1.21lb
EAN 7898556840118