Taramps Crossover CRX4


With the purpose to implement quality, technology and confiability, Taramps presents the CRX4 crossover for automotive sound systems. With high quality raw material, it’s very versatile, having 4-ways with variable settings of the HIGH PASS and LOW PASS filters, and also output level control in each way, in addition to adjustable BASS-BOOST to better divide the frequencies into bass, midbass and high. Practicality and high performance for your sound system that only Taramps can offer, welcome to our sound world.

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Technical information
Output impedance 27k ohms
Maximum input level 8V RMS
Maximum output level 8V RMS
Crosstalk (separation between channels) >80dB
Power Supply Voltage 10 ~15.5VDC
protection system Against polarity reversal
Number of copies 4
Via Low Frequency cut / Variable (LPF): 40Hz ~275Hz (-12dB/8th)
bass boost Variable Central Frequency: 20 ~65Hz (Fixed Gain 6dB)
Via Low Mid Minimum frequency of HPF cut / Variable: 25Hz ~ 140Hz (-12dB/8th)
Maximum frequency of LPF cut / Variable: 300Hz ~7.5Hz (-12dB/8th)
Via High Mid Minimum frequency of HPF cut / Variable: 200Hz ~5KHz (-12dB/8th)
Maximum frequency of LPF cut / Variable: 1.2KHz ~ 12KHz(-12dB/8th)
Via High Frequency cut / Variable: 550Hz ~13.7KHz (-12dB/8th)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.48" x 1.57" x 5.71"(190 x 40 x 145 mm)
Weight 1.23 lbs (0.560 kg)
EAN 7898556840118
Additional Information
Power supply: With switched-mode DC-DC converter
Voltage Range: 10 ~ 15.5VDC
Nominal Consumption (12.6V): 0.38A