T 780 MHS 8″

Taramps 8-inch Loudspeaker (390 Watts RMS)


The T 780 MHS is Taramps’ first mid-bass speaker with a “Square” frame, which is very advantageous for applications with less space, as it allows greater proximity between the speakers in systems that use more than one unit.

Available in the 8-inch version, with impedances of 4 or 8 Ohms, it is capable of supporting 390 WRMS and up to 780 Watts maximum, providing clean sound with a lot of volume (SPL) from the mid bass to the mid high.

Among the many possibilities of use, we can highlight car audio systems, mainly stunt walls, where they can be used with regular or horn speakers, three-way systems (acting as midrange) and also in professional sound systems. Live a new sound experience with Taramps speakers!

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Technical information
RMS power 390W
Peak Power 780W
Nominal Impedance 4 or 8 Ohms
Sensitivity (@ 1W, 1m) - Free-Air 4 Ohms: 93.087 dB
8 Ohms: 93.209 dB
Flow density in the gap 4 Ohms: 12,380 GAUSS
8 Ohms: 11,800 GAUSS
Frequency Response 70 Hz to 7000 Hz
Coil Wire Material Aluminum
Coil Shape *Kapton
Ferrite Material Barium
Diaphragm Mass 4 Ohms: 1 oz. (28.336 g)
8 Ohms: 0.91 oz. (25.908 g)
Coil Diameter 3 Inches
Resonance frequency 4 Ohms: 80.874 Hz
8 Ohms: 83.713 Hz
Cone effective area (sd) 0.23 ft² (0.0213 m²)
Nominal diameter 8 Inches
Weight 12.53 lb (5.684 Kg)
EAN 4 Ohms: 7908706601039
8 Ohms: 7908706601046