8-Inch Taramps Speaker (600 Watts RMS)


The 8” T 1200SW is the perfect subwoofer for lovers of powerful and impactful bass. With the capacity to support 600 WRMS and up to 1200 Watts (Peak Power), this subwoofer provides an immersive sound experience, with deep and clearly defined bass. Its cellulose cone and foam border ensure not only exceptional performance but also superior durability. The T 1200SW is available in two dual coil versions (D2 and D4 Ohms), offering greater amplifier compatibility and flexibility when building your sound system. Choose between white or black frame options to customize the look of your project. Elevate your listening experience with the powerful T 1200SW from Taramps.

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Technical information
RMS power 600W
Peak Power 1200W
Nominal Impedance D2 or D4 Ohms
Sensitivity (@ 1W, 1m) - Free-Air D2: 84.751 dB
D4: 83.826 dB
Flow density in the gap D2: 9,300 GAUSS
D4: 10,000 GAUSS
Frequency Response 35Hz to 2500Hz
Coil Wire Material Copper
Coil Shape *Kapton
Ferrite Material Barium
Diaphragm Mass D2: 2.130 oz. (60.391 g)
D4: 2.194 oz. (62.212 g)
Coil Diameter 2 Inches
Resonance frequency D2: 56.958Hz
D4: 57.532Hz
Cone effective area (sd) D2: 0.226 ft² (0.021 M²)
D4: 0.224 ft² (0,0208 M²)
Nominal diameter 8 Inches
Weight 11.852 lb (5.376 Kg)
EAN White
D2: 7908706600681
D4: 7908706600698

D2: 7908706600285
D4: 7908706600292