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8″ BASS 1K2

8-inch Loudspeaker 300+300W RMS


Carefully developed to reproduce low-frequency ranges, the BASS 1K2 can single out high-quality sound and power. With its double coil (2+2 or 4+4 ohms impedance), this product offers flexibility, which allows different sets of connections to amplifiers. Also, its vacuum formatted cellulose cone ensures that the loudspeaker precisely operates on low ranges, providing well-defined and engaging sub-bass.

Technical information
RMS Power 300+300W
Potência de Programa Musical 600+600W
Nominal Impedance 2+2 or 4+4 ohms
Resistência Elétrica do Fio da Bobina 1.6+1.6 / 3.2+3.2 ohms/VCC
NO (Efficiency Referential) 0.224%
Sensitivity (@ 1W, 1 m)-Free-air 85.520dB
Diaphragm Mass 0.1225 lbs (0.055604 kg)
Total Mass 0.1263 lbs (0.057305 kg)
BL Product 10,004 TM
Mechanical Q (Qms) 7.383
Electrical Q (Qes) 0.434
Total Q (Qts) 0.410
Compliance (CMS) 310.701u M/N
Equivalent Volume (VAS) 4.951 gal (18.744 liters)
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 1,000 Hz
Resonance Frequency 37.7 Hz
Cone Effective Area (SD) 0.221 Sq.ft (0.0206 Sq.m)
Cone Excursion without Distortion (X MAX) -+ 0.472 inches (12 mm)
Gap Flux Density 9,900 GAUSS
Nominal Diameter 8 Inches
Ferrite Measures 2 of 5.275 x 0.629 inches (134 x 16 mm)
Coil Diameter 2 Inches
Coil Height 1.141 inches (29 mm)
Coil Wire Material Copper
Coil Wire Section Round
Coil Shape *Kapton
Gap Height 0.354 inches (9mm)
Housing Structure Material Aluminum
Ferrite Material Barium
Weight 11.684 lbs (5.3 kg)
Cabinet Occupied Volume 0.396 gal (1.5 liters)