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THS 4600

Home Receiver Multi Channel (250 Watts RMS 4 ohm)


The THS 4600 is a multi-channel receiver, developed with highest technology to integrate a variety of areas. Compact as it is, this product can work as an ambient sound for commercial establishments, stores, clinics, gourmet spaces, etc. It provides a high-quality sonority, and has different types of audio inputs, such as Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary, and USB port, besides offering an automatic bi-volt system, ensuring power connection possibilities ranging from 90 to 240V and reaches a power of 250 Watts RMS, with two channels of 125 Watts RMS at 4ohms.

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Technical information
Number of Channels 02
Maximum Power 250W (125W + 125W) ABNT NBR IEC 60268-3*
Nominal RMS Power of each channel 125W
Nominal RMS output voltage of each channel 22,4Vrms
Nominal Impedance of each channel 4 ohms
MIC Sensitivity 10mV
AUX. Input Sensitivity 200mV
MIC Input Impedance 2,2K ohms
AUX. Input Impedance 2,2K ohms
Frequency response 15Hz to 20KHz (-3dB) Equalizers at 0dB
Signal to Noise Ratio >70dB
Typical Three-way Equalizer Operation - Low (Bass) 12dB – 80Hz
Typical Three-way Equalizer Operation - Mid (Mids) 12dB – 2KHz
Typical Three-way Equalizer Operation - High (Trebles) 12dB – 10KHz
Protection system Output protection against short-circuit and low impedance
AC input voltage 90 a 140 VAC ou 190 a 240 VAC
FM Frequency Range 87,5MHz a 108MHz
Idle Consumption (PT) 3,5 W
Internal Protection Fuse 6A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 15.196 x 2.322 x 7.086 inches (386 x 59 x 180 mm)
Weight 4.343 lbs (1.97 kg)
Additional Information
Individual volume for each channel
Microphone, MP3 Player, Bluetooth
Inputs: P2, RCA, USB, SD Card, Optical
Compatible with Taramps long-range Connect Control