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THS 3600

Taramps THS 3600 commercial and home receiver.


The THS 3600 is a multi-channel receiver, developed with state-of-the-art technology to integrate a variety of areas. Compact as it is, this product can work as an ambient sound for commercial establishments, stores, clinics, leisure areas, gourmet spaces, etc. It provides a high-quality sonority, and it has different types of audio inputs, such as Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary, and USB port, besides offering an automatic bi-volt system, ensuring power connection possibilities ranging from 90 to 240V.

Additional information:

  • 120W (2x 60W @ 4Ohms)
  • 3-way equalizer (Low, Mid, High)
  • Individual volume for each channel
  • Microphone, MP3 Player, Bluetooth
  • Inputs: P2 (TRS), RCA, USB, SD Card
  • Compatible with Taramps long-range Connect Control
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Technical information
EAN 7898556844284