THS 1800

Taramps Receiver Multi Channel (4x20 Watts 4 ohms) 80 Watts RMS


The THS 1800 is a multi-channel receiver, designed with high technology to integrate multiple rooms, with 4  20 Watts RMS channels  totaling 80 Watts RMS running at 4 ohm. Compact and powerful, It can be used in commercial establishments, stores, clinics, gourmet areas, and many other places, ensuring a high-quality audio. It can be connected to any power outlet between 90 and 240v, as it has an automatic bi-volt system.  It also has a variety of audio inputs, such as BLUETOOTH, AUX and USB.

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Technical information
THS Taramps Class AB Multi Channel Receiver
Numbers of channels 04
RMS power 80W
Nominal RMS power for each channel 20W
Inputs Bluetooth, USB, MicroSD, FM Radio, Front and back AUX and back RCA
Nominal RMS output voltage for each channel 8.95 Vrms
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD + N) at the rated power of each channel (125W) ≤4%
Nominal Impedance of each channel 4 Ohms
AUX. Input Sensitivity 200 mV
AUX. Input Impedance 2.2K Ohms
Frequency response (equalizers at 0dB) 20Hz to 20KHz (-3dB)
Typical 3-way equalizer performance Low: ±12dB - 80Hz
Mid: ±12dB - 2KHz
High: ±12dB - 10KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >70dB
Protection System Short circuit
AC input voltage 90 a 240V AC (automatic) 50/60Hz
Stand by consumption 1.4W
Maximum consumption 115W
Internal Protection Fuse 3A
FM Frequency Range 87.5 MHz to108MHz
Dimensions (mm) 10.5" x 2.32" x 5.59" (269 x 59 x 142mm)
Weight 2.60 lbs (1,18Kg)
EAN 7898556844758