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ProCharger 60A

Power Supply/Battery charger 60A with voltmeter


The PROCHARGER 60A digital automotive power supply or charger are the most modern and efficient high-power energy converters for recharging batteries and powering an automotive sound system with up to 60 Amps.
• Digital control by PWM (pulse width modulation), of the high performance IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) transistors in half bridge, providing an excellent performance and stability when compared to conventional sources with transformer.
• Robust aluminum profile with a modern design that allows for excellent heat dissipation.
• PCI (Printed Circuit Board) in fiberglass, assembled by automatic component inserter, ensuring quality and robustness.
• Current control: monitors and limits the output current within the nominal value.
• Protection against high temperatures: If the product temperature reaches a critical value, the system controls the output, automatically turning off and on again, avoiding overheating.
• Short circuit protection at the output. WARNING: never reverse the polarities.

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Technical information
AC input voltage Bivolt Automatic (127/220V AC)
AC Input Voltage 127V 90~140V AC
AC Input Voltage 220V 190~240V AC
Maximum Output Current 60A
Maximum Output Power Rating 860W
Efficiency 90%
Maximum Input Current 127V 11A
Maximum Input Current 220V 09A
Maximum Float 60A @14.2V: <5%
Internal Fuse 10A
Output Voltage 12.4V ~ 14.5V ± 2%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.16" x 2" x 8.86"
Weight 3.98lb
EAN 7898556844543