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Taramps Power Supply/Battery charger 30A


Thinking of strength and safety in a single product, the brand of sources and battery chargers of the Taramps Group developed the PROCHARGER 30A. With a power of up to 30 amps, it is the most modern and efficient for high power energy converters for recharging batteries and powering the automotive sound system. With protection against short circuit at the output and current control, it is automatic bivolt and has a fixed output voltage of 14.4VDC. So it is the best cost-benefit of the automotive sound industry.

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Technical information
AC input voltage Bivolt Automatic (127 / 220VAC)
AC Input Voltage 127V 100~140V AC
AC Input Voltage 220V 190~240V AC
Maximum Output Current 30A
Maximum Output Power Rating 430W
Efficiency 90%
Maximum Input Current 127V 5.6A
Maximum Input Current 220V 4.0A
Maximum Float 30A @14.2V: <8%
Internal Fuse 10A
Output Voltage 14.4V ± 2%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.54" x 2" x 5.71"
Weight 2.35lb
EAN 7898556844864