PRO 2.4S

Taramps Audio Processor


The Pro 2.4S is a 4-channel digital audio processor. Designed with the highest technology, it offers vital features and adjustments for car audio, such as: crossover with multiple filters, 15-band graphic equalization, 12 pre-defined equalizations, parametric equalization, alignment, routing, phase inversion, limiter, input and output clip indicator, remote signal output to activate amplifiers, audio generator, among many others. In addition, it features an audio input via RCA and also a high level input, allowing use with conventional and original head units (eg multimedia without RCA output). Another advantage of this product is the anti-puff system, which prevents those infamous pops when turning the sound on and off. All this and much more to keep your sound system always tuned, aligned and with the quality you deserve.

Technical information
Input impedance 10K Ohms (RCA)
50 Ohms (HIGH LEVEL)
Output impedance 47 Ohms
Maximum input level 5,9Vpp 2,1V RMS (RCA)
Maximum output level 5.9Vpp 2.1V RMS
Frequency response 10Hz to 22KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB
Crosstalk (separation between channels) >80dB
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 16VDC
Input Channels 2
output channels 4
Routing A,B,A+B
General gain -80 to 0dB
Output gain -45 a +15dB
crossover HPF (Variable): Variable Filters
LPF (Variable): Variable Filters
Linkwitz Rilley Filters -12,-18,-24,-36,-48dB/Octave
Butterworth filters -6,-12,-18,-24,-36,-48dB/Octave
Alignment 8,0 mS (272cm)
Phase 0 / 180º
Languages Portuguese, English and Spanish
Memory Positions Factory default + 3 assignable positions
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.79" x 1.42" x 4.44" (198 x 36 x 113mm)
Weight 0.99lb (0,450 Kg)
EAN 7898556847919