HV 20.000 CHIPEO

Taramps Module Class D (1 Channel 20.000 Watts RMS)


Power, efficiency and high performance are some of the synonyms of this module. It has a maximum power of 20,000 Watts RMS at 0.5 ohm, thermal protection and anti-short-circuit. It is powered by batteries in series, as it uses batteries as its source of power. It is a unique line in its category, delivering extremely high power in mid and large car audio systems. Stands out in quality from sub-bass to mid-highs. High performance in timbres and audio quality.

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Technical information
Number of Channels 01
Output Voltage 164VDC @ 0.5 Ohm - 13 Batteries
Input Sensitivity 330mV ( Level 100%) @ 0.5 Ohm
Aux Input standard 0.2%
Signal to Noise Ratio >98dB
Frequency response 10Hz ~ 10KHz (1dB)
Efficiency 91% @ 0.5 Ohm (full power)
Input impedance 22K Ohms
Protection system Short-Circuit to Output,
Short on output compared to GND,
Low impedance at output,
High/Low supply voltage
Thermal protection**
Power Supply Voltage 100VDC
Power Supply Voltage 190VDC
Consumption at rest 150mA
Maximum music consumption @ 0.5 Ohm 67A
Maximum Sinusoidal Consumption @ 0.5 ohm (100Hz) 134A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.98" x 2.52" x 14.09" (228 x 64 x 358mm)
Weight 7.92lb (3.60Kg)
Maximum output power @ 164VDC- 0.5 Ohm* 20.000W RMS
EAN 7898556845007