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DS 800X3 – 1 OHM

Amplifier Module Class D (2 Channels 200 Watts RMS | 1 Channel 400 Watts RMS)


The DS 800X3 amplifier was developed with the highest technology and performance for automotive sound systems. With maximum power of 800 Watts RMS with impedance of 1 and 2 OHM, it is classified as multichannel, containing 3 channels, two of which are 200 Watts RMS and one of 400 Watts RMS. The DS 800X3 is FULL RANGE playing all frequencies in the right measure for you.

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Best Application / Performance
6"x9" speakers
6" speakers
2-way speakers
Phenolic Driver
Titanium Driver
Super Tweeter
Technical information
Operation class Class D
Number of Channels 3
Maximum power @ 12,6 VDC: 800W RMS CH1/CH2 (2 x 200W RMS) 1OHM, CH3 (1 x 400W RMS) 2OHMS
Input Sensitivity 250mV
Signal to Noise Ratio >88dB
Frequency Response CH1/CH2 100Hz ~ 25KHz
10Hz ~ 100Hz (LPF = 100Hz)
CH3 10Hz ~ 700Hz (LPF = 700Hz)
10Hz ~ 25KHz (LPF = OFF)
Crossover high pass (HPF) (CH1 / CH2) 100Hz (-12dB/8ª) Fixed
Crossover low pass (LPF) (CH3) 100Hz, 700Hz, OFF (-12dB/8ª) Selectable
Input Impedance 10K Ohms (RCA) and 1K Ohms (Wire)
Output Impedance 1 Ohm
Protection system Output overload
Min. Supply Voltage 9 VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 16 VDC
Consumption at rest 1.0A
Maximum music consumption @12.6VDC: 51A
Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 102A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.81" x 2.05" x 8.94"
Weight 3.15lb
EAN 7898556844949