Taramps Injected RCA Cable 1 Meter Long (STEREO)


The injected RCA cable is 1 meter long and is suitable for automotive audio with short installations, where the signal source is located close to the amplifier or audio processor. It has braided pairs of wires with two internal conductors, made of 99.99% OFHC copper (oxygen free) that ensure low signal losses and prevent cancellation. The plug cover is injected in high quality plastic material, and does not degrade with high temperatures. This technique provides the cable with a more neutral impedance characteristic, delivering brighter highs. Features an ultra-compact, bicolor connector, two male plugs on one end and two female plugs on the other. An essential accessory for a reliable installation.

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Technical information
Plugs configuration 2 male RCA/2 male RCA
Plugs finishing Nickel-plated brass tip with injected crystal PVC cover
Total length 39.37" (1m)
Center conductor pair of twisted cable with inner conductor consisting of 10 wires of 0.172 mm² tinned with 99.99% copper OFHC (oxygen free)
cable cover High quality crystal flexible PVC.
EAN 7898556842747