Taramps Automotive Blocker


Taramps designed the Block Part, with the main objective of providing safety for your car. An automotive blocker that prevents the vehicle from moving in case of theft by shutting its engine off, without compromising the car main functions. It is universal and compatible with the main vehicle models on the market. It features LEDs to indicate the activation and output for activating the alarm siren.

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Technical information
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 15 Volts
Consumption 1 to 6mA
Engine Block Max. 20A
Siren Output Only use the dedicated siren
EAN 7898556844420
Additional Information
Activated by closing the door with the ignition on
Progressive block
Cancel the lock when pressing the “Reset” button
LED indicator that warns the drive
Valet function
Output for activation of Dedicated Siren
Input for Positive and Negative Switch