Taramps Automotive Alarm


Innovating once again, Tarsafe brings the most complete automotive alarm to prevent robberies and theft, the TW30 TR4C G4. It comes with a switchblade key, siren with wireless communication and automated gate open/close with 2 high beam flashes. In addition to the vehicle location function, it also has window activation, distance lock and secret button. Approved by ANATEL (Brazilian telecommunications agency), it is compatible with any Tarsafe control manufactured after June 2019. Another Taramps product that offers modernity and security.

Technical information
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 16 V
Consumption 6 to 17 mA
Engine Block Max 20 A
Turn Signals Outputs 2 x 70W with digital protection
Lock, Unlock, Aux. 1 and 2 Outputs Máx. 200 mA - (negative signal)
Aux. 3 Output and Sound Control Máx. 200 mA - (Positive signal)
Adjustable output to activate default factory locks and electric windows. Universal, Fiat line, VW G5, G6, G7, UP and Mobi
EAN 7898556847506
Additional Information

1 TR2P control and 1 keyfob TR4C
High durability CR2032 Lithium battery;
Homologated by ANATEL from Brazil;
Operating Frequency 433.92 MHz
Encrypted Anti-Cloning Hopping Code System;
Home function, allows to activate electronic gate without auxiliary modules;
Accepts recording up to 04 remote control;
Compatible with controls manufactured from July 2019
Compatible with 12V vehicles;
Motor blocking relay in the control unit;
Command of electric locks;
3 auxiliary outputs that allows you to decide on electric windows, opening the trunk, etc .;
Configurable window closure, Volkswagen UP, generations: G5, G6 and G7, Fiat Palio, Novo Uno model 2015 onwards, Mobi and Argo;
Sound Control: turn off vehicle sound when turning on the alarm, also turn on vehicle sound when turning off the alarm and open the door;
Self-adjusting ultrasound sensor, triggers the alarm when it detects tampering inside the vehicle;
Led indicating the Alarm Status, external blue and internal red;
Visual (turn lights) and audible (beep) signaling;
Output for activating the turn lights with digital protection, avoiding the burning of the alarm when closed short at the outputs;


Anti-theft by secret button, blocks the operation of the vehicle if the ignition is switched on, door closed and the secret button is not pressed.
Valet function: temporarily turns off the anti-theft by secret button, to leave the vehicle in a parking lot, without the need to indicate to the valet the location of the secret button.
Presence lock function: lock activated when moving the TR2P remote control away from the vehicle;
Programmable anti-assault for 1, 2 or 3 minute lockout time. (NEW!)
Automatic reset of the alarm when turning it off and not opening the door;
Momentary cancellation of the Beep on and off;
Temporary cancellation of the ultrasound sensor via the remote control;
Panic function (warning trigger): pressing the on button on the remote control for 03 seconds;
Locator function (turn signals flash for 45 seconds): pressing the auxiliary button for 03 seconds with the alarm on;
Automatic triggering of the alarm when attempting to tamper with the vehicle;
LED trip report: when the alarm is turned off, the LED flashes indicating the sensor that caused the last trip;
Allows the vehicle's arrows to be timed for 10 seconds by pressing the off button on the remote control 02 times;
It locks the doors 08 seconds after switching on the ignition and automatically unlocks after switching off the vehicle's ignition;
Trigger limitation preventing vehicle battery discharge;
02 years of warranty;
Requires installation of auxiliary relay, sold separately.
Block the starter.
Home key or command by high light signal compatible with the Code Learning system
Check compatibility with the control panel.