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TW20 P G4 Alarm

Taramps Automotive Alarm


The Tarsafe TW20 P G4 car alarm is another alternative of the Taramps Group for those who want to avoid/ inhibit theft and theft of your car. It has locator and panic functions, 8seg door lock after switching on the ignition, secret button lock, anti-theft by presence and signals visually and audibly with arrows and beeps. It is homologated by ANATEL, being compatible with TR2, TR2P, TR3 and TR4 controls manufactured from Jul / 2019. The security you are looking for and that the Taramps Group offers.

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Technical information
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 16 volts
Consumption 6 to 17 mA
Engine Block Maximum: 20 A
Turn Signals Outputs 2 x 70W with digital protection
Siren Output Only use the dedicated siren
Lock, Unlock, Auxiliary and Sound Control Outputs Max. 200 mA
Programmable window module output Universal, Palio and line VW G5, G6, originals
EAN 7898556844192
Additional Information

01 TR2P remote control;
High-durability CR2032 Lithium batteries;
Approved by ANATEL;
Fixed Frequency of 433,92 MHz SAW;
Presence function;
Encrypted Anti-Cloning Hopping Code system;
Home4 function: electrical gate activation with no auxiliary modules;
Receives up to 04 remote control registrations;
Compatible with TR1, TR1P, TR2, TR2P, and TR3;
Compatible with 12V vehicles;
Dedicated siren according to CONTRAN's regulation;
Engine blocking relay in the central;
Electrical locking command;
Aux. Outputs 1, providing rolling windows, car trunk opening, etc.;
Adjustable closing windows for Universal, Fiat Palio, Idea, Punto, Linea, and Strada plus Volkswagen G5, and G6 (Gol, Saveiro, and Voyage);
Two auxiliary outputs for windows rolling and car trunk opening, when configured to G6 models;
Sound Control: vehicle's sound shuts down when activating the alarm and when deactivating the alarm plus closing the vehicle's door;
Self-adjusted ultrasound sensor: the alarm is triggered when spotting breaches;
Alarm status LED: blue (external) and red (internal);
Signalizations: visual (turning signals) and sonority (beep);
Output dedicated to activating the turning signals with digital protection, avoiding alarm issues when closing the circuit on the outputs.


Anti-theft function: activated by a hidden button (it blocks the vehicle's functioning once the ignition turns on, the door closes, and the secret button don't activate);
Maneuver function: the anti-theft is temporarily shut down, so there is no need to indicate to the maneuver where the hidden button is;
Blocking by presence function: the blocking is activated when the TR2P is away from the vehicle;
The alarm automatically rearms when turning it off and not opening the door;
Momentaneous turn on/off beep canceling;
Temporary canceling of the ultrasound sensor through the remote control;
Panic function (warning triggering): press for three seconds the power button;
Locator function (flashes the turning signals for 45 seconds): pressing the auxiliary button for three seconds with the alarm on;
Automatic alarm triggering when spotting breaches on the vehicle;
LED triggering report: when shutting off the alarm, the LED flashes indicating the sensor responsible for the last triggering;
Allows setting the turning signals timing for 10 seconds by pressing the "off" button twice.
Locks the doors 8 seconds after turning on the ignition, and automatically unlocks after turning off the ignition;
Triggering limitation: avoids battery discharge;
2 years warranty;
Requires an auxiliary relay installation, which is sold separately