TMA 30 G4


Protect your bike with the TMA 30 G4. This alarm is essential to prevent or inhibit violation or theft of motorcycles. Produced with the latest technology, it provides reduced battery consumption and greater security against interference. Featuring an encrypted anti-cloning system, sleep function, anti-theft by presence, anti-theft by secret button, tilt sensor, programmable blocking time, among other functions, this is the alarm for your motorcycle. Finally, thinking about your convenience, we have included the function of opening and closing the gate with just 2 high beam touches. This is the TMA 30 G4, the motorcycle alarm that won’t let you down.

Technical information
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 16 volts
Consumption Sleep 0.3mA / Normal 5mA
Engine Block Max. 20 A
Turn Signals Outputs 2 x 4A
Siren Output Only use the Dedicated Siren
Aux. Output Max. 200mA
EAN 7898556847698
Additional Information
• 02 TR2 P presence remote controls;
• Accepts up to 04 remote control recordings;
• High durability CR2032 Lithium battery;
• Approved by ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency);
• Fixed frequency 433.92 MHz
• Compatible with 12V vehicles;
• Anti-cloning Hopping Code Encrypted System;
• Anti-Jammer System;
• Tilt sensor on the central (Accelerometer);
• Dedicated siren, according to CONTRAN (National Traffic Council) rules;
• DOUBLE relay for blocking the motor in the control central;
• Visual (turn signal) and audible (beep) signaling;
• Output for activating the turn signals with digital protection, preventing the alarm from burning when the outputs are in short circuit;
• Reduced motorcycle's battery consumption;
• New radio frequency circuit, safer against interference.
• Plant resistant to water infiltration;
• Universal harness.

• Anti-theft by presence: blocks the operation of the motorcycle when moving the TR2P remote control.
• Anti-theft by secret button: it blocks the operation of the motorcycle if the ignition is turned on and the secret button is not pressed.
• Valet function: temporarily disables the anti-theft by secret button, to leave the motorcycle in a parking lot, without the need to indicate to the valet the location of the secret button.
• Programmable Blocking Time: 1, 2 or 3 minutes.
• Function Open/Close Automated Gate with 2 touches on high beams: allows activating electronic gate without auxiliary modules and without using the alarm remote control;
• Home function in the control: allows activating the electronic gate without auxiliary modules using the alarm remote control;
• Momentary cancellation of the on and off Beep;
• Temporary cancellation of the tilt sensor (accelerometer) through the remote control;
• Panic function (warning activation): pressing the remote control's power button for 03 seconds;
• Locator function (flashes the turn signals for 45 seconds): pressing the auxiliary button for 03 seconds with the alarm on;
• Automatic alarm triggering by changing the motorcycle's inclination or turning on the ignition;
• Beeps trigger report: when the alarm is turned off with 4 beeps, indicating that a trigger has occurred, press the auxiliary button on the remote control. The alarm will respond with beeps indicating the sensor that caused the last trigger;
• Allows you to time the motorcycle's turn signals for 10 seconds by pressing the remote control's off button 02 times;
• Trigger limitation preventing vehicle battery discharge;
• Ignition password: Allows you to turn off the alarm in case of loss of control until a new one is registered;
• Sleep function (motorcycle battery saving mode): 24 hours after turning on the alarm and not moving the motorcycle, it activates the saving mode, reducing consumption by 17 times. Exclusive function of TARAMPS alarms;
• 02 years warranty;
• Check the alarm's compatibility with the electronic gate operator's central. Home key and opening by high beam signal, compatible with the Code Learnig system.