HV 160.000

Taramps Module Class D For Competition (1 Channel 160.000 Watts RMS)


Power, efficiency and high performance are some of the synonyms of this module. It can reach a maximum power of up to 160,000 Watts. It features thermal protection and anti short circuit. It is powered by batteries in series, as it uses batteries as its source of energy. It is a unique line in its category, delivering extremely high power for mid and large car audio systems. Standing Out for its efficiency from sub-bass to mid-high, with high performance in timbres and audio quality.

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Technical information
Number of Channels 01
Output Voltage 300VDC @ 0.5 Ohm - 24 Batteries
Maximum Power @ 300VDC- 0,25 Ohm 160.000W (For competition)
Input Sensitivity 360mV ( Level 100%) @ 0.5 Ohm
Aux Input standard 0.2%
Signal to Noise Ratio >95dB
Frequency response 10Hz ~ 15KHz (-0.5dB)
Efficiency 90% @ 0.5 Ohm (full Power)
Input impedance 27K Ohms
Protection system Short-Circuit to Output, Short on output compared to GND, Low
impedance at output, High/Low supply voltage and Thermal protection
Power Supply Voltage 180VDC
Power Supply Voltage 360VDC
Consumption at rest 125mA to 300VDC
Maximum Musical Consumption @0,25 Ohm 280A
Maximum Sinusoidal Consumption @0,25 Ohm (100Hz) 560A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.41" x 2.87" x 22.07" (239 x 73 x 561mm)
Weight 16.28lb (7.40Kg)
EAN 7898556844062