SFD 4300

Taramps Phenolic Driver (150 Watts RMS)


The SFD-4300 is a Compression Driver with a phenolic resin membrane. It is designed to be a great ally in the intelligibility of your car audio system, providing clean and very well defined timbres from mid to mid-high. It is strategically built, combining design and strength in its external casing, delivering amazing results in any of its applications, handling high power and displacement, within its mechanical specification. Efficiency, design, robustness and performance are synonymous with this product! Dive into the automotive audio world with Taramps!

Technical information
RMS power 150W
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Response 300 Hz à 6000 Hz
Flow density in the gap 19200 GAUSS
Coil Diameter 3.94" (100 mm)
Coil Wire Material Round Copper
Coil Shape * Kapton®
Ferrite Material Barium
Coil Diameter 50mm
Housing Structure Material Phenolic
Weight 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
EAN 7898556846776