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Taramps Automotive Alarm


Tarsafe’s TW20 G4 is an innovative car alarm with encrypted anti-cloning Hopping Code system. With main functions such as locking by secret button, anti-theft by presence, locking command, ultrasound sensor with sensitivity adjustment, locator and panic function, it also comes with a remote control, a lithium battery. It is homologated by ANATEL, being compatible with TR2, TR2P, TR3 and TR4 controls manufactured from Jul/2019. The security you are looking for and that the Taramps Group offers.

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Technical information
Power Supply Voltage 9 to 16 volts
Consumption 6 to 17 mA
Engine Block Maximum: 20 A
Turn Signals Outputs 2 x 70W with digital protection
Siren Output Only use the dedicated siren
Lock, Unlock, Auxiliary and Sound Control Outputs Maximum: 200 mA
Programmable window module output Universal, Palio, UP and line VW G5 and G6, originals
EAN 7898556844215
Additional Information

02 TR2 remote controls;
High-durability CR2032 Lithium batteries;
Approved by ANATEL;
Fixed Frequency of 433,92 MHz saw;
Encrypted Anti-Cloning Hopping Code system;
Home4 function: electrical gate activation with no auxiliary modules;
Receives up to 04 remote control registrations;
Compatible with TR1, TR1P, TR2, TR2P, and TR3;
Compatible with 12V vehicles;
Dedicated siren according to CONTRAN's regulation;
Engine blocking relay in the central;
Electrical locking command;
Aux. Outputs 1, providing rolling windows, car trunk opening, etc.;
Adjustable closing windows for Universal, Fiat Palio, Idea, Punto, Linea, and Strada plus Volkswagen G5, and G6 (Gol, Saveiro, and Voyage);
Two auxiliary outputs for windows rolling and car trunk opening, when configured to G6 models;
Sound Control: vehicle's sound shuts down when activating the alarm and when deactivating the alarm plus closing the vehicle's door;
Self-adjusted ultrasound sensor: the alarm is triggered when spotting breaches;
Alarm status LED: blue (external) and red (internal);
Signalizations: visual (turning signals) and sonority (beep);
Output dedicated to activating the turning signals with digital protection, avoiding alarm issues when closing the circuit on the outputs.


Anti-theft function: activated by a hidden button (it blocks the vehicle's functioning once the ignition turns on, the door closes, and the secret button don't activate);
Maneuver function: the anti-theft is temporarily shut down, so there is no need to indicate to the maneuver where the hidden button is;
Blocking by presence function: the blocking is activated when the TR2P is away from the vehicle;
The alarm automatically rearms when turning it off and not opening the door;
Momentaneous turn on/off beep canceling;
Temporary canceling of the ultrasound sensor through the remote control;
Panic function (warning triggering): press for three seconds the power button;
Locator function (flashes the turning signals for 45 seconds): pressing the auxiliary button for three seconds with the alarm on;
Automatic alarm triggering when spotting breaches on the vehicle;
LED triggering report: when shutting off the alarm, the LED flashes indicating the sensor responsible for the last triggering;
Allows setting the turning signals timing for 10 seconds by pressing the "off" button twice.
Locks the doors 8 seconds after turning on the ignition, and automatically unlocks after turning off the ignition;
Triggering limitation: avoids battery discharge;
2 years warranty;
Requires an auxiliary relay installation, which is sold separately

*The TR2P remote control is sold separately.